Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society

Cymdeithas Achyddol Maldwyn

Annual Outing & AGM 2021

After months of COVID restrictions, members met in Llanidloes in September. Chairperson, Ms. Nia Griffiths and Mr. Nick Venti were our guides as we followed The WW1 Town Trail.

The Society is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies and the Association of Family History Societies of Wales.

Its main aim is to help members trace their Montgomeryshire family histories. It also helps members with family connections in Shropshire, Cardiganshire, Denbighshire, Merionethshire and Radnorshire.

We help by:

Please note that in addition to having published virtually all Montgomeryshire memorial inscriptions and parish registers, the society has for some time had a manorial documents project underway, the resulting information from which is available from no other source. This now extends to well over 100,000 records.

In addition, members have:

For the 2022 membership year, the subscription rates are:
£10 per year individual membership;
£11 per year family membership (two members at the same address in the UK);
£18 per year European membership (outside the United Kingdom but inside the European Union or EFTA);
£20 per year overseas membership (outside the United Kingdom, European Union and EFTA).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, you can download an application form and post it to the membership officer, together with your subscription. Please click on the "Applications and Renewals" page link.

European and Overseas membership subscriptions may be paid via our pages on the Genfair website, where you can join and renew online. Please see the "Links" page for a link to Genfair. Society publications may also be ordered and paid for online via Genfair.

Society Research Room in Newtown

The Society maintains a library and research area in Newtown Library.

For directions to Newtown Library, see below: